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In Store Foot Locker Coupons: Caring for Your Leather Boat Shoes

When sailing or boating, wearing durable and more substantial footwear is a must. This is to avoid injury for slipping on the deck. Deck shoes, boat shoes or topsiders are the footwear favorite of sailors’ worldwide.

 In Store Foot Locker Coupons: Caring for Your Leather Boat Shoes

Like any other shoes, your leather boat shoes must be cared for properly to extend its lifespan. Most people prefer boat shoes made of leather because of their versatility: can be worn on and off the boat. Leather boat shoes dry faster because it was treated with water repellant to diminish the absorption of moisture. To maintain the good condition of your leather shoes, here are some tips for you to follow.

  1. Take the laces off your shoes before applying any products to prevent fraying. Wipe the shoes with a wet sponge to clean the dirt.

  2. Apply saddle soap to the shoes and rubbed them thoroughly with a soft cloth. . Repeat the application until the shoes are clean.

  3. Apply thicker saddle soap to discolored areas and allow soap to sit for 30 minutes. Buff them clean with a dry cloth to remove all excess soap.

  4. When all the shoes are dry, pour mink oil in another cloth and rub it over the leather. Let the leather absorb the oil before wiping away.

 In Store Foot Locker Coupons: Caring for Your Leather Boat ShoesYou can also wash the shoes in the washing machine if you are short on time. Take removable insoles off and place them together with the shoes in a pillow case. Tie the pillow case and put it in the washing machine with a little amount of detergent on a long, cool cycle. Take out the shoes and stuff newspaper inside to keep their shape while they dry in the air. Putting leather shoes in the dryer will damage their appearance.

There are a lot of boat shoes to choose from Foot Locker stores. Some are made of canvas, synthetic materials, or the traditional leather. With just a flash of Foot Locker Coupons, you’ll go home with the best pair of boat shoes bought for a much lower price.

The Timberland 3 Eye Boat Shoe – Men’s is made of full-grain leather and gives durability, resistance to abrasion, and comfort.  With siped thermo-rubber outsole and EVA midsole – this traditional boat shoe gives superior traction on wet decks and pavements. Be sure to present in store Foot Locker coupons to get discount for the product.

 In Store Foot Locker Coupons: Caring for Your Leather Boat Shoes

If you are bored with the traditional leather boat shoes, try Madden Gameon – Men’s. It has a slip-on, moc toe design that enables the wearer to easily slip-on or slip-off the shoes. The siped-sole of this synthetic, perforated shoe ensure that you will not slip on wet surfaces. Best to purchase these shoes with coupon codes for Foot Locker.

Foot Locker Coupons offer great deals for products purchased at any Foot Locker stores. For a more trendy and unique look that is guaranteed to catch attention, opt for the PUMA El Harbor – Men’s. It has a canvas/nylon upper and a molded rubber strap which give the shoe some class. The PUMA El Harbor is worth owning for with the help of Foot Locker printable coupons 2014.

Sail high and enjoy the scenic view with your friends and family this summer! Walk around the deck in your boat shoes purchased with Foot Locker Coupons.

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